Eutaw Forest residents must go through the Architectual Committee to perform exterior changes to their property. The process is very simple and most of the time the requests are approved.

The first step, is to fill out the Architectual form.

Architectual Fequently Asked Questions

There was much discussion about the duties of the committee, the process behind its use, and what is expected of homeowners when submitting plans. (HOA Meeting on May 2003)


A homeowner asked if the architectural committee (hereafter referred to as AC) handles things related to property? Sean answered no; the President handles issues related to property following a written complaint. He explained that the AC handles additions, paint color—i.e., anything related to the exterior of the home. (HOA Meeting on May 2003.)


A homeowner on Eutaw Forest Drive had a problem with the AC in that a registered letter was returned without delivery. Homeowner was nearing crunch time with project; but it was approved (??). ** It was approved. **The AC visited the residence once the issue of the returned registered letter was realized.  Sean explained that the homeowners had to give the AC 30 days to respond. He highly recommended sending plans to the AC via certified mail. He cited examples where mail apparently had been lost in the past. Regarding the P case– the pool was handled in a timely manner, but the fence fell thru the cracks. The homeowner followed up by asking what if there were an actual problem with it, once it’s already done? Sean replied that if you haven’t heard after 25-26 days, assume there’s a problem and follow up by phone. (HOA Meeting on May 2003.)


Does general maintenance have to be approved—e.g., replacing the roof?  After some discussion, it was determined that the 1979 version of the covenants is written such that yes—general maintenance must be approved (see p. 47, line 2). However, the 1980, amended version of the covenants is written differently– AC approval of general maintenance is not required. (HOA Meeting on May 2003.)


Always go through the AC. It ‘s better to be safe than sorry. (HOA Meeting on May 2003.)


Does the AC always make a visit, even if changes are same materials, etc.?  Sean indicated that while we haven’t had that, yes—AC would visit. (HOA Meeting on May 2003.)


The homeowner at 3152 Eutaw Forest Drive asked about the status of architectural plans and surveys that they had given to Sean a year ago. (HOA Meeting on May 2003.)


The newsletter offended the C’s at 2996 Eutaw Forest Drive, believing it unfairly targeted their recent difficulties. After being assured that was not the case, they went on to issue a complaint about what they believed to be a bad decision by the AC. The issue revolves around the request to add a 2nd driveway to provide handicap access to their home. As the process unfolded, the AC denied their request, but provided them with a suitable alternative that met their needs (albeit less efficiently) while still remaining in compliance with the covenants. The homeowners had the following comments: 1) They urged the AC to take into account personal circumstances; 2) to make provisions for variances; and 3) to consult neighbors. When another homeowner invoked the sweeping guidelines encompassed in the Americans with Disabilities Act, the AC chairman indicated that the alternative given fell within those guidelines. Sean regretted the fact that the homeowners felt they were receiving uncaring treatment and urged greater participation in the process– please join the architectural committee! (HOA Meeting on May 2003.)


Architectural problem on Venture Drive?? (HOA Meeting on May 2003.)

Yes, there is an architectural problem on Venture. We are working on it. (June 2003)


Is vinyl fencing prohibited under our coventants? From the AC: As written, yes; however, when the covenants were written vinyl fencing such as exists now (i.e., faux split rail that doesn’t require upkeep) did not exist. Modern vinyl fencing—as long as it is not chain link–probably would be approved. (HOA Meeting on May 2003.)