EFHOA – Notes from the President – April 2016

Dear Eutaw Forest Homeowner:

Now that spring is here, FOUR things are certain. Yearly assessments are due, our Membership meeting is scheduled and the Yard Sale is around the corner. And of course, Taxes. I will just talk about three of these.

I’m pleased to announce that out of the 253, 2015 Yearly assessments, we have received payment for 249 so far. This is great news because normally, we still have around 50 that are delinquent at this time. We have Judgments against 1 Property, 1 Estate Claim and are currently in litigation regarding 2 others. There are a few 2014 assessment that we have received judgments against the home owners and have liens on their properties. Collection of these late assessments are very time consuming.  Please pay your assessments now, before it slips your mind. Thank You

This is the Perfect time to clean up the outside of your property. The HOA removed a large dead tree on 229 near the Capt. Dement Entrance. We have a contract in place now to rebuild the Entrance sign destroyed last year by a Hit and Run Driver. The EFHOA Covenants were put in place over 30 years ago to protect the value of our properties. Each and every homeowner knew that they were buying a home in a Neighborhood with an HOA.  There are a few who continue, to violate these rules and they are being dealt with or soon will be. The BoD will conduct a walkthrough of the neighborhood in late May and notify the owners of the property that they are not in compliance. So between now and then, you have plenty of time to comply.  Home owners who rent, might want to take a look at your properties. YOU are responsible, not your renter. Last year, I personally sent letters and talked with 6 Home owners who have severely neglected their property and was ensured that they would take care of it. Only one has complied.   Please look at your Fences, Bushes, Lawn, Paint on your house, etc. If they are in need of attention, please take care of it. The Board of Directors (BoD) cannot emphasize enough the requirement to submit to the Architectural Review Board any requests to change the appearance of the outside of your property for approval.  The form can be found on the HOA website. Be advised that CHAIN LINK FENCES are NOT allowed and NEVER have been allowed in Eutaw Forest.  If you put one up, please remove it. It’s everyone’s responsibility to abide by the HOA’s covenants.  Keeping our Homes in good repair and yards looking nice can only make our community a place that people want to live and keep home values rising. It’s the BoD’s responsibility to enforce existing HOA regulations.  People who fail to correct the discrepancies, will face litigation and be responsible for all costs associated with compliancy.  If there is something in the covenants you don’t like or would like added/changed, we can address that at the yearly Meeting May 3rd.

This year’s EFHOA 2016 Yearly Membership meeting is scheduled for May 3rd at 7 pm.  We are looking for people to fill many slots vacated on the BoD. If you are interested in supporting the HOA in this manner, please make sure you attend. If you would like more info on the BoD’s responsibilities or if unable to attend but would like to complete a PROXY Vote authorization for absent HOA member, I would be more than happy to discuss that prior to the meeting. If we don’t have volunteers for the BOD, we will be forced to hire an agency to conduct our business. Recent surveys of other “Like” HOA’s in the area show a yearly assessment of approximately $175-$250 are required to cover the cost of such an agency depending on what we ask them to do.