2016 EFHOA Annual Meeting Minutes

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2016 Yearly HOA Meeting Accokeek Fire Hall May 3, 2016 Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm as Quorum was reached with 26 residents in attendance. (34 Total property owners attended). All residents in attendance were given an agenda as well as a report from the treasurer. Approval of 2015 EFHOA annual meeting minutes. INTRODUCTION OF 2016 BOARD MEMBERS Mike Yestramski – President Jared Dugan – Treasure Paige Quillin – Secretary Don Cloutier – Board Member Jessica Stiver- Board Member REVIEW OF OLD BUSINESS: Van Go:  Still an issue coming in and out of the neighborhood, dropping people off in areas there are not stops.  Mike reminded residents that we are on county roads and they have the right to drive in the neighborhood and make stops.  Mike advised best option is for the residents to call Van Go again and complain- also attend a Charles County Commissioners Meeting to grieve their complaints.  The HOA has no formal control over this issue. Speeding:  Residents complained about Eutaw Forest Drive speeders and Mike said as an HOA we have no control over this issue.  Please call the sheriff’s office and speak to our neighborhood CCSO liaison, CPL Travis Yates, and ask him to come do speed control.  The more residents that complain about the issue, the more likely we are to have the sheriff’s office come set up radar. Renters:  The owner of the property is the responsible party, they are also responsible for passing along covenants to the renters and the owners are responsible for the infractions. NEW BUSINESS: Dues:  Dues notices were sent out and checks are coming in.  Residents were reminded that we do have some people in collections for dues and court costs. Mosquito Control: Residents wanted to know how the county determines if spraying will occur, especially since we are paying for the service.  Jared will ask when they notify us that spraying is starting and will update us. Website:  Asked for any volunteers that have WordPress/website building knowledge that could help us update the site- we did have one volunteer who was to provide his contact to Mike after the meeting.  The question was raised if we wanted to hire someone for this job and it was determined for what we do with the site the cost could be too much and we would continue to rely on volunteers. We will also start posting the names of those delinquent on their dues on the webpage, we checked with legal counsel and we are within our rights to do so. Facebook:  The question was raised as to why it was not created as a public group?  When it was set up the decision was to...

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2015 EFHOA Annual Meeting Minutes

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2015 Eutaw Forest Home Owners Association Meeting Agenda Meeting Call to Order. Approval of 2014 EFHOA annual meeting minutes. Introduction of 2015 Board Members Michael Yestramski  President Rob Barnes               Vice President Jared Dugan              Treasure Paige Quillin             Secretary Jim Chappelar          Architectural Committee Chair Jessica Stiver            Board Member Rosemin Daya                   Board Member Don Cloutier             Board member Old Business Street Lights Street lights have been investigated however it has been decided that the ongoing cost of the electricity and maintenance would be a cost all residents would have to pay. It has been discussed that this would cause issues if people do not pay in a timely manner and then  the HOA could run out of general funds and could not meet these payments.  The cost is also not fixed which would mean the yearly HOA fee would vary which is a cause for concern. Shelved. No further action required. Speeding / Speed Bumps Many residents complained about speeding in various parts of the neighborhood. The President asked the Charles County Sheriff’s Office to send an officer to run a speed trap to ticket at various time through the year.  Speed bumps were discussed again.  Removable speed bumps would require someone to physically remove these when there was a chance of snow.  The county will not plow the streets with speed bumps.  There is also the issue of “who” would be responsible for placing and removing these speed bumps when they had to be moved, and who would store them. Shelved. No further action required. Loud / Disrupted Neighbors The HOA receives numerous complaints regarding Loud and Disruptive neighbors. Residents are reminded that the HOA is not a policing body and any complaints with neighbor noise should be discussed amongst the neighbors. If there is no resolutions residents are advised to call the Charles County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number at 301-932-2222. HOA Management Company The original covenants were not set up to include a management company and the HOA in years past have felt that the cost of hiring a management company would cause our dues to be significantly higher. New Business Treasures Report Web Site – http://eutawforest.com Face Book — https://www.facebook.com/eutawforest.hoa?fref=ts Park Signs Before expending funds for the large Park/Green Space located at the end of Ridgeline, the President wanted to make sure the park was being used. Yard sale / HOA Meeting Sign A new more versatile sign will be procured. Yearly Assessments as of today 73 have paid 8 owe for 2014 5 owe for 2013 1 Estate claim in process. 1 Bankruptcy HOA Block Party Questions / Concerns   Yearly HOA Meeting Accokeek Firehall May 12, 2015   Board Members Present: Mike Yestramski-President Jared Dugan-Treasure Paige...

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Community yard sales

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The Community yard sales are held the first Saturdays in May and October from 8am TILL? MAY 7th, 2016 is the next Yard Sale date with a Rain Date of 8 MAY.

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Welcome to Eutaw Forest

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Many of the homes in Eutaw Forest are still occupied by their original owners.  We take pride in our homes and think that it is a great place to live, raise one’s family and to thrive.  It is a friendly place where we know our neighbors and look out for each other.  It is located with convenient shopping only minutes away.  Places of worship, hospitals and medical facilities and schools are located in close proximity as well.  It is a great place to live....

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